Alt MFA at Burlington Gardens Summer Festival

 We're very pleased to be invited to show participative and performance works at the Royal Academy Burlington Gardens Summer Festival. Thanks to Yinka Shinibare, who has a stunning wrap around work on the Burlington Gardens building, for all the support you have given Alt MFA through hosting us at residencies at Guest Projects.


Alt MFA at Burlington Gardens Festival
Saturday 2nd July.
Stall active from 12 – 6pm
Works from 2pm – 5pm
Alt MFA (Alternative Masters of Fine Art) will be looking at collectivity as family, with Alt MFA members collaborating with each other, their family members, and looking at the connections between us, at this time when the RA are connecting their two buildings.
Based on a mind mapping exercise developed at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects space, AltMFA will host a stall, with different works spiralling off into the festival. Timed performances and happenings will lead you across the festival to re-imagine the site through Alt MFA’s participative artworks.
Shinji Toya. Exploring his memory of his father and East Asian identity, Shinji hosts visits to view his online-accessed digital landscape that relates to the site of Burlington Gardens.
Anousha Payne Using clay, Anousha makes quick and playful works in response to the site and themes of the festival. These will also have a digital life, as the downloadable 3D models of each work are available online.
Amy Leung will be making work in collaboration with her mother; live printing from a dead tree felled in their garden. Wood-printed postcards, inspired by Shonibare's patterns, will be distributed at the AltMFA stall throughout the day.
Johanna Bolton Read your future with elastic bands- how far can you stretch your mind?
Sadie Edginton re-imagines AltMFA as an art collective from 100 years ago, creating Dada inspired costumes. Working from sketches from her Mother, foldout paper geometric costumes will be printed and activated by other AltMFA members and the public.
Nathania Hartley. Tap into the city with Nathania Hartley on a group art walk around the surrounding streets– bring a few pennies if you would like to make temporary tap shoes! Meet at the AltMFA stall at 2pm & 4pm.

Alternative Art Education Summit / June 12th 2016

Great to see all these alternative art schools in one room. Thanks to Guest Projects, School of The Damned, Year 2016 - 2017, The Syllabus, AltMFA and Open School East Year 2016, all came together.
Thanks to Emma Edmondsen from TOMA (The other MA) Southend, who came and helped AltMFA with their food prep and of course joined the debate.

Please see our website for more updated activity!

Its been a busy year!
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To check out AltMFA's activity please see altmfajamboree.weebly.com


ArtLicksWeekend 2015 - Bermondsey

Palindromic Sequence : A live Map of the Thames Shore

When? Art Licks Weekend
Sunday 4th October 2pm-4pm
**No need to book a space**

What? This year for Art Licks Weekend, join AltMFA for our third annual psycho-geographical adventure. 
Collect your map from Bermondsey Station between 2-4pm to find durational performances, actions and site specific pieces along the Thames foreshore at low tide. Narratives, objects and actions will arise from mud, concrete and cul-de-sacs.

Where? Starting at Bermondsey Tube Station, 142-154 Jamaica Road, London SE16 4RX  and finishing at The Mayflower, 117 Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 4NF.

"Texts appear beneath your feet. Grid reference TQ335795. A seeping procession of walkers huddle on the foreshore, their fortunes being read by a transatlantic Mud-lark. Peering through binoculars, you witness a tiny figure on the other side of the Thames. It is waving a giant knife and fork. [Behind you: Drone sound of robotic lingerie graze on someone’s front lawn]. A foreshore-footed figure ushers the pilgrims into a garage behind the estates, where voices echo through wheelie bins. It’s not over until the invisible man returns" - Notes on last year's walk.

Louise Ashcroft, Paula Bourke-Girgis, Sadie Edginton, Alex Chalmers, Gillian Duffy, Asher Herr, Fritha Jenkins, Eldi Dundee,  Benjamin Newell, Amy Leung, Rebecca Olajide, Maru Rojas, Shinji Toya and Marion Tu.


AltMFA members were pleased to have been involved in this event this summer with Open School East and Hackney Museum, for an 'anti-Symposium' on the historical 'Anti-University' started in 1968 in Shoreditch, London. We enjoyed listening to the speakers and presentations, chatting to participants and collating names of other contemporary alternative education groups and movements who were present.

We're looking forward to the festival weekend which is due to take place in November 2015.

Photos by Sadie Edginton, July 15, 2015.
Special thanks goes to Gerald Royston Curtis for stepping in to do the Live-drawing/mapping of the evening's procedings.


AltMFA were invited to escape for a mini-residency week at the end of July to Schwitters' Merz Barn in the Lake District. There were no plans or pressure for outcomes, just going to spend time together, explore the countryside, chop wood and daydream. In tandem with the brilliant collective MilesKM's 'nomadic art school' project: Tanteo 2015  'a touring Art School, moving around the UK, challenging the concept of the classroom, the roles of the student and teacher, and experimenting with different learning structures'.

MerzBarn is a special place. Ian and Celia from Merz Barn made us very welcome. We kept a fire going day and night, followed animal trials, climbed up to mountain-top lakes (some of us braving the cold and jumping right in) and learnt about mysterious Dorothy Wordsworth...


AltMFA at Guest Projects throughout May

We have been working towards our month-long residency at Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects space in Bethnal Green this May. There will be lots of exciting events, screening and projects throughout the residency - check out the website for more details: www.altmfajamboree.weebly.com


Skin-themed Meeting 24th November 2014.

Last night was one of our theme nights. This time, on SKIN. We discussed texts by Steven Connor and Sylvia Plath, watched some body art youtubes, and extracts of Scarlett johansson in a transit van eating Glaswegian men in 'Under the Skin', plus Neela Basu performed her new text piece and handed out some tactile sculptures. 

Under the Skin film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io92j2qqEGk
Otto Muehl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xs5wiLbQZA


AltMFA Feed - Bermondsey walk led by an analogue search engine

Documentation of our performative walk at Art Licks Weekend 2014 is now online here!


Art Licks Tour

AltMFA had an excellent tour with 30 participants on Saturday 4 October, 2-4pm led by Louise Ashcroft and curated by George Major. Despite the weather, participants were engaged in performances, performative sculptures, audio and interventions as the tour progressed from Bermondsey Station through residential streets, along the river and final stop at Angel Pub. We are proud to have been awarded Arts Council Funding for our tour. AltMFA Feed was a positive experience! 


Rehearsal AltMFA Feed

We met at the starting point Bermondsey Tube Station and rehearsed the tour. Route and order of works were revised based on location, audience involvement and time. We have are ‘fully booked’ through Eventbrite! Exciting to see everyone’s contribution coming together including a glimpse of George’s algorithm. List of final jobs allocated too. Thanks Alex and Natalie for fab flyers which will be distributed in the neighbourhood. Plus super news – we have been granted Arts Council funding plus achieved our target at Ideastap! Well done everyone!

Get ready for the tour Saturday!

(image AnnaMaria Kardos )


AltMFA Feed at Art Licks

Book your spot on the tour HERE
and have a look at Ideastap how to support the project.



15 September Prep walk II Bermondsey

We met for another AltMFA’s Artlicks prep walk in Bermondsey and discussed the mode of ‘walking’ –  to engage and surprise participants, disrupt the art tourist’s hypnotic following mode by getting people to be more aware of their surroundings and to be more in the moment. Fritha suggested a pre-walk crit to present and discuss ideas, and constructively offer advice or brainstorm as to which site fits best, how pieces flow together – scheduled for next Monday, 22 September. Related, we thought about the ‘finding’ and ‘hiding’ and having another AltMFA session looking at overall concepts to do with walking practices, the weather, tours as practice. There is so much room for experimentation and sit specific work. (notes Sadie Edginton)


1 September Hiding session

It was all about hiding tonight. Everyone brought toughts and links of works relating to the theme of hiding. Here are some of the links – ‘Confess all on video, don’t worry you’ll be in disguise!’ /
Louise’s and Noga’s film / Annette Krauss ‘hidden curriculum‘ / ‘The Crying Game’ / ‘The Wicker Man‘ / ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ / ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ / The night of the hunter Some of group met at the RFH and others connected by sending links. There will definitely be another hiding session!

Confess all on video. Don’t worry, you will be in disguise. Intrigued? Call Gillian…
(video still), 1994


22 August V&A Late

Tonight the group met at V&A late for a walk around, meandering, locating and discussing ideas for potentially participating at the next late event. In fact, taking a fresh look on existent displays is enjoyable.. V&A's current exhibition 'Disobedient Objects' ties in well with how AltMFA works as does the Rapid Response Collection - unfortunately closed tonight. More to come!
(image AnnaMaria Kardos)


11 August Short film night

Tonight is for short film! We watched and discussed a selection of short films and clips from films, art videos, Hollywood, documentary, youtubes. Here are a couple from the list - Mellors, Nostalgia. Louise also talked about digital culture, the screen and its sculptural qualities, palpability, wildness, Mark Leckey and digital detritus in relation to her dissertation and some new performance sculptures.Thanks Louise for hosting!


4 August Funding meeting

Tonight the group met at the RFH as a good and central place to get together. We mainly discussed applying for Arts Council funding for the upcoming  AltMFA Feed. Lots of note taking, focusing and calculating but well worth - thanks everyone hard working!.


28 July First prep walk Bermondsey

We took a first walk in Bermondsey starting at the tube station, via the beach and finished with chips at the Angel pub. A really interesting route with lots of abrupt scene changes in a relatively small area. It was useful to start thinking about how each of us could make work for AltMFA Feed. Looking forward to our next walk with more people and more ideas.. (notes Lily Johnson, images Alex Chalmers)


21 July Artlicks planning and New member intro

The group met at Fritha's place to discuss our altMFA Feed for Art licks tour in October with George skyping in. He will curate the tour remotely based on an analogue search engine feed. We finalised details - thanks Maru and George for submitting. Congratulation to Alex - his drawing on Thames clay pipes  has been selected for this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize! As a new alt members Marion introduced her practice Marion Tu and Eldi too Eldi Dundee. Maru talked about her Unperforming 3 work and Fritha got feed back on her work 'Handlings'. Plus more discussion on Guest projects. A packed evening with lots of good talking. Thanks Fritha for hosting!