AltMFA occasionally invites artists, lecturer and curators who share their expertise with the group and enter stimulating discussions. We have had excellent evenings and like to thank all guest speakers including:

Nuno Coelho

John Ross (Gallery ELL)

French & Mottershead
Glenn Adamson (curator at the V&A Museum) 
Steve Bunn (tutor at RCA)  
Michael Archer (head of Goldsmiths BA Fine Art) Clive Niall (artist and teacher)  
Simon Callery (artist)  
Bern Roche Farrelly (artist) 
Ivana Mestrov (curator)  
Josh Knowles and Joe Duggan (artists and curators of Silver Cloud Gallery in the City) 
Neil Taylor and Harriet Murray (artists and curators of Campbell Works in Stoke Newington)  
Pippa Koszerek (artist and curator)
John Jordan (activist)
Ruth Höflich (artist)
Julia Vogl (artist)
William Cobbing (artist and lecturer)