RESURGENCE Artists & Artworks List

Resurgence - we are bursting to tell you

AltMFA/Sweet 'Art Residency & Exhibition at The Art Bypass Gallery

Residency dates: 19th - 26th June 2022

Exhibition dates: 22nd - 26th June 2022

Performances took place at the Private View: Thursday 23rd June 2022

Artists & Artworks:

For highlights from the show with images of some of the works listed here:



Seeing things and telling people about it is what artists do best. Those who explore art are rewarded (or sometimes burdened) with new ways of seeing. 

How do we, as artists, experience the world, in order to share it in a way which affects our audience... and how do we actually want to affect our audience - what is our goal? What do we want to say to them? The answer to these questions will most certainly be different from individual to individual. 

Amato is fascinated by the way we present ourselves through our fashions - the way they reflect our culture and how they point to which way we have developed. This exploration is especially prevalent in the Couture/Luxury/Fast Fashion piece, but is more subtly present in her other works on show and in her accompanying zine.

Couture/Luxury/Fast Fashion
installation / mixed-media

Fashion comes in tiers, but how much of it really reflects our values? 
Do we have time to reflect on our values, and do we have the resources to live by them?

POA (price on application)

Movement/Queen (rock and roll)/Jesus

Sitting in my home environment in lockdown, I described myself through the objects I had collected and the thoughts I procured.

POA (price on application)

My Tears Feed You
pencil on paper, framed

Price £75

Sister Bonds
embroidery, framed

Price £60 

Instagram: @amatoheart





Rebecca Buckley is a sculptor, visual artist, writer and community art facilitator.  In three dimensions Rebecca works primarily in metal creating sculptures, installations and jewellery from found and recycled materials. Rebecca explores metal, casting pewter, forming and forging mild steel, melting/texturising copper, bending brass and speculating with cast iron and detritus from the smelting process.  Rebecca creates prints and paintings often using her hands to make marks. 

For the ’Resurgence’ residency Rebecca will be researching/writing about community art in the local area and facilitating a drop-in sculpture scavenge on Saturday 26 June at 11.30am for details check her website (below).



In the pink corridor:


framed print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper. 

29.7 x 42.0 cm


Price £250

In the main gallery space:


‘I Will Follow You’ 

framed print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper 

21.0 x 29.7 cm 


Price £150




framed print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper

21.0 x 29.7 cm


Price £150



sculpture recycled pewter


POA (price on application)


sculpture. Recycled steel, copper and brass


(Not for Sale)

Instagram: @beccaartist




Claire Callow is a London-based painter who studied at Chelsea College of Art and Goldsmiths. She previously completed a first class BA and MA at the Courtauld and Sotheby’s Institute and was employed for several years at the Saatchi Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts. Working in two dimensions - painting, drawing, collage and printmaking - she is inspired by psychology and pop culture, and has exhibited all over London.

Artworks in the Main gallery space:

(listed from left to right, top to bottom)

‘Blood Moon’

acrylic on paper

841 x 594 mm (unframed)

Price £200

‘Sky Gazing’ 

acrylic on paper

841 x 594 mm (unframed)

Price £200

‘Princess and the Pea: Photomontage’

archival printing ink on acid-free paper

530 x 410 x 35 mm (framed)

Price £100

‘Dreams Make Up My Sky’

ink on watercolour paper

510 x 400 x 35 mm (framed)

A silk eye-mask to aid sleep. We look at mysterious dreams and changing clouds, and try to make sense of what we see.

Price £200

‘Throwing Rapunzel’s Prince from her Tower’

(after Ladybird Well-Loved Tales, c. 1967)

oil, acrylic and collage on watercolour paper

435 x 370 x 35 mm (framed)

Price £200

‘My Sky is Made Of Dreams’ 

hand-rolled felt and thread

400 x 400 mm (framed)

Do you see less when you close your eyes, or more?

Price £200

Artwork on the partition between the main space and the pink corridor:


acrylic and PVA on canvas

255 x 205 x 40 mm (unframed)

Alice drinks moonshine in a blood-red apron. Lunar greys, midnight blues and sunshine hues make up her surroundings.

Price £200

Artwork in the pink corridor, on the shelf:

‘Artists Are Doin’ It For Themselves’

acrylic on linen canvas

254 x 305 x 15 mm (unframed)

A celebration of Alternative Art Education.

Price £250

Instagram: @eclaircallow 

LinkedIn: Claire_Callow 









Eldi Dundee is an interdisciplinary artist, actor, and curator of Small House Gallery. (She also curated this AltMFA ‘Resurgence’ show). She studied fine art undergrad at Central St Martins (Byam Shaw), and postgrads at UEL and Chelsea art schools and is about to do an MA in Curation at Chelsea in September. 


hand-tufted rug - 100% pure wool vintage rug yarn on jute hessian cloth (aka burlap)

Family history and dynamics are woven into this post-lockdown piece, alongside subconscious distillations from a long list of ‘boxsets’/films/documentaries watched while making (a list is available for the curious).

Price £4,500

Instagram: @eldidundee_art, @eldidundee_actor

Instagram: @small_house_gallery

Facebook/Meta: @SmallHouseGallery

Twitter: Small_House_G_ 





5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres (b.Chihuahua México, 1967) feels deeply inspired by humanity’s concerns with our increasingly globalized media-driven world.

He wants the audience to find a little joy in their life, by detaching themselves from materialistic and consumerist ideas of happiness.

'The Rupture' (from the 'Unhoplessness' series) 2022

mixed media on canvas, with a multiple canvas collage and assemblage

Unhoplessness means a change, a reverse to that feeling of desperateness, and thus a Resurge of hope.


POA (price on application)


(place-holder text – for 3 additional titles in the series)



'The Hidden Writing on the Wall'

participatory performance

Instagram: @5537fernandoholguincereceres
Twitter: @5537Ferr 

Facebook: @5537Gallery
Vimeo: @5537ferr








Catherine Harrington is an artist, a multi-award winning architect, and a diplomatic, yet staunch, environmental campaigner specialising in housing and regeneration. 

Catherine’s art practice connects with revealing unseen forces and marking territories that we traverse in our everyday lives. 


Project: 'Walking through a Workhouse, Hillside Park, London N19'

These works relate to Catherine’s group walk, where the siting of a demolished

workhouse is traced. The workhouse’s rooms, demarcated by Catherine’s on-site

installations, are imagined by participants as they contemplate inmates’ lives, now

erased from history.


Link to the Walk:



Site Map / Onsite Installations 'Walking through a Workhouse'

digital Prints of photos

Images of site installations situated in the following rooms of the workhouse: The Porter, The Dormitory, The Stone Yard, The Dead House.




work on paper

The administrators of the workhouse regarded people solely by the labour of their hands, a practice seen in some workplaces today.


'Rock / Rope'


Inmates confined to the workhouse broke up rocks and dismantled ship ropes – a regime of forced manual labour that underpinned the expansion of both cities and trade routes.


'Past Identity'


When entering the workhouse, inmates handed over their clothes and possessions, along with 'handing' over their past identity, before donning their workhouse uniform.

'Residual Contaminants (Beneath Our Feet)' 

sculptural installation

Residue metal deposits, created from the overflow of metal casting, were collected from a foundry floor, and re-assembled to draw an analogy with those contaminated liquids trapped underground in the fracking process.

Instagram: @catheharrington









Nathania Hartley instigates gatherings to bring people together and look at how our physical and societal surroundings impact on us and our relations with each other. 


Her work spans various forms including walking, writing, performance and interventions in public space.


For our Resurgence show at The Art Bypass Gallery, Nathania will be in residence collecting sounds, movements and words for a site-specific response to be shown in a joyful collective voicing at our private view party evening on Thursday 23rd June.



(untitled performance)

Instagram: @natteronyeah 

Twitter: @natteronyeah 








Eirini Kartsaki is a performance practitioner, writer and lecturer (East15 Acting School) and the author of Repetition in Performance: Returns and Invisible Forces.



'anomalopteryx' 2022



Anomalopteryx is a flightless bird, known as a lesser bird, only slightly taller than a turkey. A play of movement in and out of sense, in other words, speeches and sounds. 

(Sounds and music by Eirini Kartsaki and Nicol Parkinson)

Instagram: @eirinikartsakigram 








Debora is a London-based, Anglo-Italian artist, whose work reflects a desire to expose the often ridiculous internal logic and absurdities that govern our world and its different cultural systems, with a particular interest in how womankind is affected by societal pressures and norms.  To explore these ideas she uses a wide range of materials to create visual narratives that are often humorous and quite theatrical in nature. In addition to sculptural installation and printmaking, writing is a big part of her practice, both as a stand-alone practice and with titles acting to colour or subvert the meaning of her visual pieces. 

Her piece for 'Resurgence. What we are bursting to tell  you', is the first of a planned trilogy entitled 'What we / they had / have to play with', referencing different experiences of life under the pandemic in the UK.  

'Banana Bread House'

(from the series 'What they / we had / have to play with')

sculpture: fabric, felt, foamboard

85 x 65 x 40 cm


Facebook/Meta: @DeboraMoArtist


Tel: 07949 562301






Irene Pulga is a mixed media artist. Her concerns range from the physical and primal to the

mystical world of dreams and symbols.

She’s also inspired by movement and dance-based practices.

Two qualities consistently evident in Irene’s art define her practice: rawness and her

search for aesthetic beauty. Her work constantly explore the tension between the two.



'Strings attached' 

monoprint, ink and gold leaf on paper)


'Strings attached 2' 

ink and gold leaf on paper


The 2 pieces are part of a bigger body of work that explores Irene’s concern with

aspects of our life that are hidden, behind our ‘regular’ reality we all live daily, i.e. our connections to higher states of consciousness, our knots and ties to the past and our ancestors…

Price: £200 each (unframed)

Truly beautiful and fascinating mixed-media* hand-made 'zines from the series are also available to view. Contact the artist directly if you have publishing or sales queries. 

*(monoprint, pencil, goache, and collage on heavyweight watercolour paper)

Instagram: @irene1810

(for sales) Paypal: 








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spoken word and poetry performance, plus 'spoken word artefacts' (on the exhibition map)

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London based Lorraine Snape is a multidisciplinary artist exploring
performative artwork as construction, contraption or installation.
Pairing found domestic and industrial objects with reactive materials
and kinetic elements, she hopes to ignite curiosity and create a sense
of wonder.

'Fruitless activities 2022'
steel frame with additional items

A durational kinetic sculpture reflecting on connection and
emergence. The work will evolve as elements are added to activate the piece, producing a system formed through the interrelation of parts.

POA (price on application)
Instagram: @snappysnape








"...real life is more extraordinary than all of the imagination." (Annette Messager)


Giorgos Theocharous: Every piece of my work is made to relate to the next by continuing the layout of the previous one creating a visually continuous artwork as I consider life events to be.


The materials I use are eclectic. I recycle with fragments from my previous works, watercolours depicting rivers, inks representing the transparency with spiritual power of crystals and abstract motifs with scenes from China about paper making from bamboo. Mono printing for uncanny textures and charcoal are used for hyper realistic story telling.




mixed media on watercolour paper

A mixture of life events described in a semi abstract way.


Price £350

Instagram: @giorgostheocha