Resurgence highlights


For the full list of Resurgence participants, bios, contacts and list of artworks:

Eirini Kartsaki performing 'anomalopteryx' 2022

(with kind permission)

Above: Eirini Kartsaki's (and your) place on the Exhibition Map

 RESURGENCE Exhibition Map

Anjan Saha's 'BRUSHSTROKES' spoken word artefacts

[Place-holder for video footage of Anjan's performance: Brushstrokes]

Nathania Hartley's untitled performance 

[Place-holder for further photos of the outdoor portion of Nathania Hartley's promenade performance]

Pink Wall, Corridor:

Rebecca Buckley's Murmurings, Claire Callow's Artists Are Doin' It For Themselves, 
Anna-Maria Amato's Couture/Luxury/Fast Fashion, and Eldi Dundee's Transitions rug

Above right: detail: Eldi Dundee's Transitions rug

Also in the Pink Corridor:

(Above: The 'Art Bypass Gallery reading area with the Sweet 'Art zine library) 

Irene Pulga's Strings Attached 1 & 2

Eldi Dundee's Transitions - handmade rug / wall-hanging

Above and below: Entering the Main Gallery Space from the Pink Corridor

Above: Claire Callow's Moonshine on the pink wall partition (foreground, right), 
Rebecca Buckley's Leviathan on the plinth (foreground, right), 
Lorraine Snape's Fruitless Activities (floorspace, right), 
Claire Callow's Blood Moon, Skygazing, and 4 additional works on rear wall (left of the mirror),
at/on/in the mirror: 5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres' The Secret Writing on the Wall 
(participatory artwork), to the left of Claire Callow's cluster of works, Debora Mo's Banana Bread House
(at the foot of the black ceiling to floor roll of paper on the wall, 
in front of that, Rebecca Buckley's Jabberwocky sculpture, 
behind that and to the left, Giorgos Theocharous' Disruptions on the wall,
 and in the left corner of the wall at the back, Catherine Harrington's Rock / Rope installation on the floor,
with Walking Through a Workhouse on the wall in the corner above it.

Claire Callow

(a story-board of sorts - about dreams)

Above: from left to right, bottom row under Blood Moon and Stargazing, are:

Rebecca Buckley: Jabberwocky

Debora Mo's Banana Bread House

 Giorgos Theocharous: Disruptions

Catherine Harrington's Project: Walking through a Workhouse, Hillside Park, London N19

Above: Handiwork, and Site Map / Onsite Installations: Walking Through A Workhouse
Below: Past Identity 
(all by Catherine Harrington)

Anna-Maria Amato: Movement/Queen (rock and roll)/Jesus