Attended by Robbie, Steph, Helena, Lucie, Eva, Claire and Louise

We met at Lucie's for an open reading of individually selected texts from:
Louise: Nicolas Bourriaud The Radicant
Claire: A letter from her former employer and Ray Bradbury The Pedestrian
Steph: Sun Tzu The Art of War and David Abram The Spell of the Sensuous
Helena: Edward W Said Out of Place
Lucie: Resonance FM publication Sound Art article by Brandon LaBelle
Eva: A poem of hers in Polish
Robbie: Seth Kim-Cohen In the Blink of an Ear – toward a non-cochlea sound art

Put Pictures and drawings from previous meetings on the blog – attach them to their relevant date
Organize a future reading session with a specific theme to compare to this open themed reading
18th Ivana (Lucie’s friend) from Croatia, will talk about her work as curator and teacher, it’s also a good opportunity to have a crit form a visiting artist
Steph, Robbie, Lucie to arrange a Monday with the radical Education Forum http://radicaleducationforum.tumblr.com/

Also Eva invites everyone to the Young Socialists Summer Festival Sat 16th Ivy Street Hoxton Market

Next Week 11th July: Springfield Park for Eva’s talk on the evolution of nomadic architecture
Week After 18th July: Silver Cloud Gallery