Monday 10th - QUESTION by Eva Lis

Dear AltMFA
I hope you had a good Christmas break and I wish you all a very good New Year 2011.
I’m looking forward to see you on Monday 10th of January.
I would like to propose a discussion about a role of art in the society and in particular if art should recognize moral boundaries and value of transgressive art form and shock art.

Reading list:
Jean Gimpel “Against Art and Artists”
Sven Lutticken “Idols of the Market”
John A Walker “Art in the Age of Mass Media”
Deborah Copaken “Adventures in Love and War”
Kieran Cashell “Aftershock-The ethics of Contemporary Transgressive Art”

Recommended list of artist:
Renzo Martens
Artur Zmijewski
Santiago Sierra
Carlos Garaicoa
Jake and Dinos Chapman
Mary Kelly
Paul McCarthy
Martina Abramovich
Please add artists that you would like to discuss

Additional artists (suggested by Steph): Genesis P-Orridge


Video suggested by Steph about the role of the artist (I know it is a little weird, but replace the 'psychedelic experience' with role of the artist, maybe?!? I am happy to have a discussion about it at the next crit session) :