Next Meeting Monday 24th January

Question led by Louise Ashcroft and Helene Kazan:
Can curating be a mode of art practice?

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1. What is the mainstream definition of curating? How has it changed? The Cult of the curator.

2. Curators as artists? which curators have pushed their practice towards art? Richard HamiltonJeremy MillarGrayson Perry.

3. How have artists used curatorial practice to make artwork?: Artists who think and work like curators, in particular, Jeremy Deller, Simon Starling, Mark Dion, Sophie CalleLiam Gillick, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Art and LanguageSuperflex and  The Centre of Attention. Non-gallery artist-curator projects eg. Rirkrit Tiravanija's The Land

4. Do any of us work in similar ways? Do we find these ideas exciting as ways of developing our own work and, if so,  how might we do this? eg. Louise's curating, Helene's curating- is this work art practice?

5. Are artists the curator's medium?

6. Perhaps traditional curators only work with artists and finished objects, whereas artists who curate as part of their practice create relations within the ever-changing wider world?


- Artquest podcast  artist-curator 3: Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde (bottom of page, click on talk 3
- ICA podcast artist-curator (go to bottom of page and click to listen to mp3)
- Robert Smithson Cultural Confinement essay (online)
- video interview 'curating for the 21st century' with Hans Ulrich Obrist
- plus the links to artists (see above)