Notes and links from Monday 10th January

Claire Blundell Jones, Louise Ashcroft, Tom Estes, Lucie Galand, Steph Wehowski, Eva Lis, Kate Lepper, Paulina Michnowska, Ben Varney, David Snoo Wilson, Helene Kazan, Martina Miholic.

Some of the questions raised during the discussion:
Trangression as opposite of ideal?
Can vandalism help to change the world?
Transgressive art – is it just irritating?
Can it be conservative?
Is transgressive art a step towards something else?
Is it just the destruction of old values?
Can transgression be  the by-product rather than the aim?
Is transgression radical?
Exploiting in order to denounce exploitation - can we not denounce without being exploitative?
Can we talk of effectiveness in art?

Artworks / Artists / etc (click on names)
Jake and Dinos Chapman
Chris Morris: Blue Jam
Artur Zmijewski: 80064 (a concentration camp survivor has his number re-tattooed).
7th Berlin biennale's open call curated by Zmijewski.
The vacum cleaner (cultural resistance collective)
Renzo Martens in discussion with J.J. Charlesworth (watch here)
Renzo Martens' Episode 3: Analysis of a film process. (Article here)