Summary of Monday 24th January

We met at Lucie's house again. A few were exhausted but Lucie provided us with some nice food. Thanks Lucie!!

Claire Blundell Jones, Louise Ashcroft, Lucie Galand, Helene Kazan, Robbie Lockwood, Ben Varney, Steph Wehowski, Eva Lis, Paulina Michnowska and ....

Louise Ashcroft and Helene Kazan gave an introduction to:
Can curating be a mode of art practice?
in which they presented a short history of the curator as being museum and logistics based to the art 'star' curators in recent years and changes in curatorial practice.

They also described their own experience and questions to curatorial practice in their own art practice. Is curatorial practice art practice? How, when and where do they mix? Should they mix? Is there a division? Should there be one?

The interest in curatorial practice lies in the areas of
  • engaging with artists and the public - Louise
  • engaging with space - Helene 
Comment: Maybe artists are taking on the roles of curators because they want to take ownership of the space, environment and audience and how they engage with it.

What do people see as the task of the curator?
  • initiator 
  • bring group/people together - initiate collaboration
  • manager
  • administrator
  • site manager
  • feedback or tutorial guidance for artists

For links and artists/curators discussed see note from 19.1.11: Next Meeting Monday 24th January
Additional projects discussed were 
Artur Zmijewski's Open Call for the Berlin Biennale,,
Does he, with collecting political statements from artists, create his own artwork? Does the curating become his own artwork? Is it an exploitative experiment?
Louise Ashcroft's  show Stardust Boogie Woogie at Monika Bobinska's space.