Helene's links

Whilst we are trying to define what we are, and proposing to do projects to understand processes of collaboration, Critical Practice is an amazing group that have done some really interesting events and projects based on that idea.

This is a really good site that continually gives information about different residencies.

Tropic Corridors: This is the space in Italy that I mentioned, its run by an Italian artist called Lorenzo Marchi, its a platform which he has said the past he would happy for me to send a proposals to use. He doesn't have any money, so it would up to us to sort out, but I think he would be excited by our ideas but it would for us to make the most of the space. Anyway, theres a little bit of info about it on his site: http://www.lorenzomarchi.com/ 

Also, in case any of you were interested in finding out a bit more about the exhibition I mentioned last week that I curated, have a read of the press release above.

Also a really good website to find funding on.