Summary Monday 14th February

  • We started the session with 3 minutes of collective listening, based on the experience of Robbie and Lucie at the School of Echoes organised by Ultra-red at Raven Row gallery in 2009. See here for more information.
  • We then came up with a collective definition of the notion of 'free' within AltMFA based on each of our viewpoints:
  • - Alt MFA is based on the principle of free culture.
    - We don't actively seek funding however we will endeavour to cover travel costs for visiting artists.
    - We may accept OR object to funding from external bodies for extra curricular activities.
  • We also agreed that any definition is never set in stone and open for revisiting.
  • We then shared our motivations for joining AltMFA as well as our expectations of it.
  • Notes were taken in the big 'kitchen concept book'.
  • We briefly discussed the 'Circuit' project and Louise's contribution to Art Licks.