Summary of Monday 7th February

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Attendees: Robbie, Louise, Steph, Lucie, Claire, Helene, Ben, Paulina, Neil Taylor & Harriet Muray (from Campbell Works).
We met at Campbell Works. Neil introduced the exhibition of Delaine Le bas - Witch Hunt
Neil and Harriet presented some of their past projects Mind Me, On Trust, Jasper Joffe & Simeon Banner, Streets For People.
We had a general discussion about AltMFA in which Neil and Harriet took part. We discussed our own experiences of traditional MA. Questions that came up: How do we apply rigueur to our practice in AltMFA? What level of critique do we want with each other as part of AltMFA? Are we producing or consuming (art, theory, words etc)? Are we educators or artist dealing with education? When are we collaborating, when are we not? How do we make decisions (consensus?)
Robbie and Lucie made a short introduction to radical education and Paolo Freire and his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed.