Summary Meeting Monday 4th April

We met at Campbell Works at 6.30pm.

Attendants: Lucie, Robbie, Gabriel, Eva, Ben, Neil (from Campbell Works), David, Helene, Claire, Steph
Chair: Steph

We discussed practicalities and procedures of the group. Summary in 'Actions and Info below'.

Monthly publication: Gabriel suggested the publication of a zine, pamphlet, songbook curated or edited by one volunteer of the group once a month. Neil mentioned that Campbell Works tried to do a newspaper once, that publications are very time consuming and labour intensive and that a longer time frame might be more suitable.  We came to the conclusion that we will do this quarterly. 

Book competition: We will start an AltMFA prayer flag/bunting as an ongoing document and future focus of the group, suggested by Eva. The first edition will be entered into an art book competition.
People who are also making bunting at the moment and might be of interest to group members are the Craftivist Collective (more info and contact through Steph) 

Friends joined us to watch John Jordan's film 'Paths through Utopias'

Neil mentioned the film 'The Gleaners' by Agnes Varda (first 4 Minutes:

Actions and Info

  • Hiwa K is interested in talking to us, keeping the 9th May free
  • Helene to contact Marsha about critical practice after Easter
  • Mel Evans and John Jordan are happy to organise a consensus meeting workshop with us possibly for some time in May, keeping the 16th free, or another day between the 9th and 20th of May
  • The Chair for each week to step forward voluntarily the week before meeting and bring something to share with the group, sound/text/image/video.
  • To add Neil and Harriet from Campbell Works to our mailing list and blog - Lucie to send Neil info about book competition
  • Invitations to new students: It is agreed that we will only invite new students who are can commit to attending every Monday
  • Monday 18th April: We will meet at Gabriel's studio ( to discuss work and exhibitions. Ben will hold a talk about Bauhaus.