Summary Monday 28/03/11

Chair: Robbie

Discussed last weeks Action Points

Neil Introduced the new exhibition at Campbell Works 
Links – The blocks of lines reminded Robbie of the Drawing Room's exhibition of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise, a graphic score for musicians to interpret as they see fit.:
Drawing Room:
General Info:
Helene briefly discussed some elements of the Chicago Boys March trip to Holland, which coincided with the Persian New Year ((Nowrūz) which brought out Iranian protesters:

19.30 March 26th Demo/Margate Event

Musuem of London are taking donated placards for snapshot of the protest.

Watched Lucie’s video of the AltMFA mega-plasterphone sound actions. Noted the importance of humour at the protest, the Robin Hood group, UK Uncut kettling 2 police officers. Found out that Ben and Neil saw the arts against cuts Trojan horse!

Gabriel discusses the Pavilion Project event in Margate
Dreamland Car Park.

About 100 people came but in disparate groups throughout the 5 hours. Next time he would like to have a smaller time frame, 8-10pm, to contain the energy of one larger group. He explained the project’s take on alternative spaces to the gallery/how to break gallery rules etc.

He showed us his pictures, people putting the megaphone on their heads, taking it from the possibly noisy to the mute.

To organise the event they ran a big poster campaign in Margate advertised as a drive through gallery; some literally drove round looking in a circle and then drove off.

A screen to connect our updated pictures/sounds could have attracted more volunteers calling our phone connection.

We discuss how the media use twitter and 24hour news to follow the march, one reason we felt no need to do so. However an alternative update could have been valuable away from towing the mainstream media line. We discussed ways we could have given alternative information back to Margate.

Where to take the project next? Brent Cross shopping?


Robbie read a small statement by the French musician Jerome Noetinger from the book Blocks of Consciousness and the Unbroken Continuum (Sound323)

Then played the group a 20 minute composition by John Wall,
Fractuur, as a collective listening.
John Walls album website:


We decided not to have an Easter break despite Louise desperate attempts not to miss out on anything; we will always try to hold something, even if only 2 people can make it.
Next week 4th April Campbell Works: John Jordan film screening of the film Paths Through Utopia. 6.30 AltMFA meet to discuss the book project etc 7.30 film start.

Possible meeting at Gabriel’s 9
th April or Monday 11th show at The Woodmill

Ben has now set up the Wiggio information service for reading lists/links etc, so we can post thoughts and messages here instead of email bombardments.

The Chair (Steph?) to bring something to share with the group, sound/image/video/text etc

Send Gabriel/Group the blog passwords etc

To invite 1 or 2 new students

Make sure texts are available far before the subject day; these can be posted on Wiggio

Gabriel suggested reading a highlight of these readings to the group on the day also, to refresh memories
Everyone to make a list of 3 books for the really really free AltMFA library share

Helene to contact Hiwa K, the Iraqi artist/musician based in Germany for a possible guest lecture in 2
nd week in May

Helena to contact Marsha about critical practice