Summary 16th May by Lucie

Dave, Eva, Louise, Steph, Helene and Lucie.

-We met at Dave's studio in Clapton. One bottle of red wine was drunk by all in one collective glass and  celery and hummus were eaten.

- Louise brought the art Magazine ArtLicks to show us the article about AltMFA. It will be kept on Lucie's shelf with our other book (Paths through Utopia).

- Dave showed us 2 books of maps that he got last year at the exhibition Magnificient Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art at the British Library last year.
We discussed briefly imperialism, colonialism,  the morality behind it - Joseph Conrad 'Heart of Darkness' was mentioned.

- We listened to a soundpiece by Duncan Whitley called 'rachel & Rathbone' that came with ArtLicks. The three recordings on the CD are taken 5 minutes before, 3 minutes before and during the demolition of two tours of the Downs Estate in Hackney.

- Helene talked about a video piece by Hiwa K she saw while in Nottingham with the Chicago Boys - featuring him playing harmonica in megaphone at a march in Irak.
Another of his video can be seen here:
We thought it would be interesting to show him what we did at the demo in March when he comes to speak to us.
ACTION: Lucie to collect all videos and photos from demo and edit it and show it to the group.

-  Eva spoke about the possibility of an exhibition in Cheltenham. This led to a long discussion about wanting to work collectively on art projects or not. We concluded that we need a session of self reflection and planned it for the 30th May. We came up with different questions that we can all answer to individually. ACTION: Dave to put them on Wiggio/ email.
Eva also mentioned a russian artist part of a collective who could maybe speak to us on skype.

Next week: presentation by Pippa Koszerek.