Summary 30/05/11

We took turns answering questions about the structure and direction of altmfa, a rough outline of the main points are below.

·      A distinction was made that we are a collaborative education group, not a collaborative art group. Therefore any collaborative art opportunities will be kept apart from the Monday sessions and hence not be known by name of altmfa.

·      It was felt that we have touched on many subjects and not scrutinised them adequately. This led to a general feeling that we should try to focus more on specific subjects and spend more time reflecting on them. As a self-educating group it will be necessary to spend more time individually preparing and writing about our chosen subjects.

·      We should spend some time linking previous subjects and talks, applying relevant critical theories to them. This could also be applied to the crits, where it could be useful to present such theory prior to them. Although as previously agreed, the student is ultimately responsible for the form and content of their crit. Two weeks in a row of crits could help us develop this practice. 

·      The decision was split 50/50 whether or not to have group holiday dates or try to always run something every Monday. For now there will be no collective holiday but we will raise again this possibility in the future. An emphasis was made that each individual is free to take time off when it suits them.

Other Info:
Spaces to approach:
Inivia in Shorditch
Robbie to approach
Offmarket on Lower Clapton Road
Eva to contact them
Decision making - we confirmed that the chair will email the group with the decisions we made so that those who did not attend the meeting can object.
Robbie's writing references:
Definition of  'hegemony'.
Paolo Freire - Pedagogy of the Oppressed
'Epistemologic doubt'
John Pilger 'false reality'
(Dave has a hard copy)
Lucie to ask Campbell Works if we ca watch it there.