12th October

NEW Structure Proposed:

Meet for the first three Mondays of the month:

1st Monday -  Have a guest speaker / event (Visitors could crit our works)
2nd Monday - Theory
3rd Monday -  Crits / Reflection of last two weeks (5min each so 30 or 40 mins)Bring texts for next month theory*

This structure should give us a sense of ‘freshness’ by having time off each month but also means by not having term times that some people don’t miss out because every has different times when there away. 

  • Paper hand outs are more easy to remember to read
  • Have something to share to break up sessions (Video or sound). Should we plan these ahead or just bring them spontaneously
  • It is important to give out reading in advance so give up to two weeks before theory.
  • Update website – we could all write a piece of ‘What does alt MFA mean to mean’? Everyone to send photos to Louise for past sessions

*It is up to people to organize the crit days  like keep changing the crit methods


3 Guests for one night for one subject?
Robbie : Chris from info shop
Claire: Glen Adamson and Morris from Islington Mills Academy
Lucie: Glasgow guy to join and Anna Laura