Robbie, Claire, Eva, Dave and Gabriel met at Lucies (without Lucie).

Eva entered to William Burroughs talking on the history of tape cut-ups. Someone has kindly stolen it and put it here for your pleasure: http://www.theaudiophiles.net/2009/04/22/william-s-burroughs-origin-and-theory-of-the-tape-cut-ups-animation/

Ran through last week’s proposal for a 3 week monthly structure etc and was excepted by those present. For talks to be open to others depending on who and where/when – baring in mind that part of the alt in altmfa is in its specificity of place and people. Please see the previous notes from Claire and raise any objections if you have them.

First Monday of the new structure hopefully 3rd October at Neil and Harriot’s Campbell Works. To be confirmed by Claire.

Robbie to give the first theory session on 10th October: Phenomenology, sound, art and politics.

Give up on Wiggio! Use a shared email attachment to add documents to.

We watched Dave’s video documentation from his project http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidSnooWilson

Listened to an extract of Alvin Lucier’s I am sitting in a room in preperation to Robbie’s theory day. Listen here: http://freealbums.blogsome.com/2007/01/25/alvin-lucier-i-am-sitting-in-a-room/

Robbie – infoshop related about gentrification and Heygate Estate http://www.56a.org.uk/gentry.html   
See here for gentrification forum in Southwark area http://southwarknotes.wordpress.com/
Eva went to a performance of collaborative music in the pitch dark - Larry Achiampong http://www.axisweb.org/seCVPG.aspx?ARTISTID=13368
Gabriel – Woodmill http://www.woodmill.org/ and V22 space http://www.v22collection.com/
Gagosian - http://www.gagosian.com/
Robbie is going to Sound Fjord in Seven Sisters, for a sound installation on Thursday http://www.soundfjord.org/galleryexhibitions.htm

Contact for new members: Eva’s Italian friend – Lucie’s old school friend – Dave’s friend from the puppet show!
For Speakers: Dave – 3 possible speakers – one definite (Steve Bunn) two maybes. Claire’s friend Glen. Robbie to contact Steven Gambardella. Robbie/Lucie to contact Chris from the infoshop.