10th October (campbell works) and 17th October (st pauls occupation)

10th Oct
We met at Campbell Works.
Robbie gave us some texts to read in preparation for next week - which led us into a long discussion during which many themes were touched upon, including:
- Post-modernism, what is it?
- The fetishist object
- Do we live in a globalised world? Are there differences in art made in different places?
- Localism vs globalism
- Modernity / Future
- Recession
- Londoncentrism
- American and British influence over the world.
- Multiculturalism in London
Then we talked about the installation Binatone Galaxy by Stephen Cornford that was on in the gallery and that led us to another discussion about technologies and then went back to post-modernism.

Robbie to write a paragraph for the website with the basic principles we agreed on in our self reflection meetings.

What was decided:
 - The 'new structure' will follow term times. However AltMFA won't stop during holiday but will be open and without lectures.
- We will try to plan ahead as much as possible and hopefully the new structure will help.

- Claire said the curator of the exhibition 'Postmodernism, style and subversion 1970-1990' at the V&A is happy to come and talk to us.

17th October

We relocated our meeting to the occupation at St Pauls. We took part in group decision making and group talks.