20th February 2012 at Lucie's house

present: Lucie, (Raymond in bedroom) Neela, Eyal, Gwen, Emma, Louise, Claire attempts note-taking

Claire informs the others of http://www.andpublishing.org/and of BOKSHIP: http://bokship.org/ which may be helpful for future cheap publication ideas and  distribution. 

Lucie chairs:
“For the late comers, this evening we are presenting our ‘work’ to one another in the following order…”

Eyal showed us his photographic documentation of his “Gasworks” show which was ‘Not sculpture or painting but as interventions’. How can we talk about art? Where does the work exist? Does it exist in the moment or in the documentation? When to show the art or just use text from the interview? We talked about when to use the image what perhaps is the relationship between interviewing and writing.

Lucie: “I’m interested in public space and the things that happen out and about. I often use sound and video. How urban architecture affects how we use public space; I recommend ‘Ground Control: Fear and happiness in the twenty-first century city’ a book by Anna Minton.” This lead us to have a conversation about ethics involved in film making and photo-journalism.

Neela shows us some images of paintings.

Emma discussed the different art school experiences she had in Stockholm and the UK

Claire showed us her recent video and we started talking about ‘funny deaths’

ACTIONS: Next Monday off then meet at Goldsmiths on 5th March for Michael Archer talk.

We could have a whole session on how much art education is all about conversation or how we talk about our art? WE could specifically ask Michael Archer about this.

Louise will present her work next time.

Emma confirming to do lecture on March 19th at Campbell Works.

Alt Exhibition: WE talked about taking part in an alt mfa exhibition 3 are interested and 4 people are not interested in the exhibition. Some people want to take part in the exhibition but are overwhelmed by emails. Collectively we have decided to have a separate discussion re the show. Make sure we finish on time.