16th April 2012

 We met at Claire and Robbie's

Present: Neela, Lucie, Fiona, Robbie, Louise and Claire

We started by introducing Alt MFA and then listened to the sound piece from the Sauna exhibition which we went on to discuss. We went on to discuss the positives or negatives of putting on an exhibition.

A suggstion was to organise a week before each meeting who will chair and that person could keep an eye on emails and organizing agenda etc… We discuss how we could respond to people if they leave us and whether we should make individual or collective responses

Neela:   The Golem Gustav Meyrink
Lucie:   Linda Nochlin (1980s) Why have there been no great woman artists?
Louise: Mark Dion Archaeology (Artist Catalogue)
Fiona:  The Everyday (Whitechapel) Ilya  and Emilia Kabakov
Claire: The Idea of a Home: A kind of Space – Mary Douglas
Robbie asked Lucie to translate from French to English extracts of  
90 Films Cultes A L’usage Des Personnes Pressees


Next week we will do crits/ presenting our work (each person to bring something they have created/ are working on to show the group so we get an idea of who we are), at Gabriel’s or if not at Neela.

Lucie will chair and who will email to find out who will show work and if there’s time left; we will discuss and reflect on the guest lecturers discussions.

Robbie asks the person wants to join to come next week.

Fritha to confirm May Guest Lecturer; Louise and Fritha to plan walking workshop
Claire to scan and print parts of walking book