We met at Claire and Robbie's house:

A: Fiona to confirm Simon Callery's studio visit
A: email brief intro/words Robbie & Lucie talk on art & politics
A: check with Gabriel whether he wants to finish his talk at some point
A: Louise send details: Fritha & Louise have their sculpture procession on 15th of July (23-5) details to follow
A: Louise has the details: 3rd September Newcastle Island Residency

PV for Neela's group show "Undercurrent" 6th July, details to follow, Show runs every weekend in June until the PV closing event

Members present agreed preliminary that there should be no AltMfa summer holiday

Mention of the AltMFA interim show at the new Departure Foundation space in Canary Wharf


Claire talked about walking and the implications globally/individually
Wanderlust Book
Vito Acconci - Sophie Calle
PARIS, TEXAS Wim Wenders
Tim Brennan
Lotti Child
The pedestrian dystopia (short story)

Robbie talked about post-modern music theory
art & music as ritual
"be your own shaman"
"thing-ing" DERRIDA
"a thing never is it's always verb-ing"
post-structuralist theory
Isiah Berlin: positive/negative freedom
art for arts sake (MARX)
Salome Voegelin: listening to noise & silence
hard power (coersion)
soft power (conviction, belief)
POST-things are bound up with the PRECURSOR

See you next week! Gwyneth Fox