Crit Meeting 28 January 2013

The group met at the OPEN PLAN project space in 55 Gracechurch Street for a Crit evening. Sohrab showed a series of his drawings - we discussed process, time, sources and how it forms part of his practice as well as becoming an art book. Alex opened his contained studio and we talked about inside-out, his biro point drawings, black/white, the term 'Gesamtkunstwerk' and how it will function with an audience. Lily presented selected research and sources she is working with. The group gave feed back on how it is linked, gave reference to philosophers and related material (please add). Fiona introduced her recent site-specific Pigeon Scaring Project and some of her methods and objects. We discussed challenges of the project, documentation and future investigation 'reports'. [please add]

Next meeting Monday 4 February Hammersmith Crits: Gwen and James at Departurefoundation Studios Thames Tower, Sohrab at his studio (short walk from Thames Tower)