Summary of the Meetings - January 7th and 14th 2013

January 7th 2013 - We met at RCA Sculpture cafe in Howie Street, Battersea. We planned the schedule for the next 3 months. Gwen Showed the group her new video works and Louise asked the group to reflect on an experiment in her studio space. New members Katie and Anna Maria joined the group for the first time.

January 14th 2013 - We met at the OPEN PLAN project space (55 Gracechurch Street). This week was a theory based session centred around Michel De Certeau's book 'The Practice of Everyday Life'.

Summary of the meeting

Key Terms: Civil Inattention (we mentioned a specific book, but i can't remember which)  

Tactic versus Strategy (based on De Certeau's introduction, see below) - this mans blog sums it up fairly well.

Online resources: 
Text: De Certeau's Practice of Everyday Life and the Walking in the City chapter is available here

Video: Mark Cousins 'Where is Everyday Life?'
Video: Robert Frank's Rolling Stones video 

Artists: Martin Westwood

Objects: Sohrab's Walking stick (one of his collection of 60 of them), Anna Maria's 'Office Mikado' game (she is interested in ways people divert themselves while working in offices), Louise's loose change and peripheral pen (thoughts stolen from Martin Westwood's seminar earlier in the day),