Crit at Open Plan 4 March 2013

This evening we had a Crit of works on show at Open Plan project space and new work in process. We discussed Katie's project for her upcoming solo show. A static video project she filmed on site which explores rituals - governance using team building games. She introduced us to her salt circle work which will be installed in reference to the 'magic circle' yet altered with text. We talked about Gwen's collaborative performance and how it was performed at the exhibition night in relation to costumes, audience and projection. Next we all had a go in James' pillar shaped box and discussed audience participation, the making and impact of material to create a particular experience in the inner. Charlie's floor based cut boards were discussed - precise vs shuttered, performative tension, offcuts inside out, configuration and setting of forms were comments raised by the group. Neela's expanded play dough sculpture was considered in relation to its formative-manipulative quality and formlessness.
Next meeting 11 March: Terry Smith and Chantalle Purcell at their studios.