Guest speaker William Cobbing 17 June 2013

This Monday we invited Will Cobbing as our guest speaker at Gracechurch Street. He introduced us to his residency experience at Turquoise Mountain in Kabul (2009/10), and the 'Gradiva Project' at Freud Museum and Camden Arts Centre (2007/8)- and clay performance. Will also talked about alternative education: his experience at de Ateliers in Amsterdam, an alternative MA studio programme founded by Dutch conceptual artist Jan Dibbets in 1963. Also the 'Anti-University' education programme in London in the later 60's, featuring artists such as John Latham and Bob Cobbing (his grandfather). Some of the pamphlets will be on display of the Mental Furniture Industry exhibition at FlatTime House opening next week- highly recommended. Apart from currently being artists in residence (Lipman Fellowship) at Newcastle University Will is currently working through the legacy of Bob Cobbing to prepare co-curating an exhibition at ERC Liverpool.  
Big Thank you to Will for a great evening of talking and discussing!