Meeting Notes Monday 10th June & Alt MFA Dissertation

On Monday we met at Alex's studio in the crypt of St Mark's Church in Islington. We discussed collecting objects and what role this activity plays in Alex's studio practice and our own.

 ALT MFA Dissertation Presentations Monday 8th July

The idea of an Alt dissertation has come up quite a few times and we decided to set an initial deadline for all interested in producing a self directed dissertation as part of Alt MFA.

The dissertation would be optional and does not necessarily have to be in a written format - it can be in any research based format - a film, series of images etc...

To make it possible for everyone to have a dissertation supervisor, we need to work out a (chain?) system whereby each alt MFA person is the supervisor for another (hopefully according to shared areas of interest or knowledge, becoming a kind of collaboration).

So on Monday 8th July we'll meet to present our chosen subject - research area, initial sources and specific question(/s) research will address.

Also we can talk more about the shape of the dissertation and work out the timescale. It would also be great to explore different ways of getting additional outside input from others. We decided there'd be no lower word limit but there might need to be an upper limit!

Timetable for next few weeks:
17th June - William Cobbing at Gracechurch st
24th June - Louise at RCA
1st July - planning meeting for new term
8th July - dissertation meeting / presentations