AltMFA at Burlington Gardens Summer Festival

 We're very pleased to be invited to show participative and performance works at the Royal Academy Burlington Gardens Summer Festival. Thanks to Yinka Shinibare, who has a stunning wrap around work on the Burlington Gardens building, for all the support you have given Alt MFA through hosting us at residencies at Guest Projects.

Alt MFA at Burlington Gardens Festival

Saturday 2nd July.

Stall active from 12 – 6pm

Works from 2pm – 5pm

Alt MFA (Alternative Masters of Fine Art) will be looking at collectivity as family, with Alt MFA members collaborating with each other, their family members, and looking at the connections between us, at this time when the RA are connecting their two buildings.

Based on a mind mapping exercise developed at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects space, AltMFA will host a stall, with different works spiralling off into the festival. Timed performances and happenings will lead you across the festival to re-imagine the site through Alt MFA’s participative artworks.

Shinji Toya. Exploring his memory of his father and East Asian identity, Shinji hosts visits to view his online-accessed digital landscape that relates to the site of Burlington Gardens.
Anousha Payne Using clay, Anousha makes quick and playful works in response to the site and themes of the festival. These will also have a digital life, as the downloadable 3D models of each work are available online.
Amy Leung will be making work in collaboration with her mother; live printing from a dead tree felled in their garden. Wood-printed postcards, inspired by Shonibare's patterns, will be distributed at the AltMFA stall throughout the day.
Johanna Bolton Read your future with elastic bands- how far can you stretch your mind?
Sadie Edginton re-imagines AltMFA as an art collective from 100 years ago, creating Dada inspired costumes. Working from sketches from her Mother, foldout paper geometric costumes will be printed and activated by other AltMFA members and the public.
Nathania Hartley. Tap into the city with Nathania Hartley on a group art walk around the surrounding streets– bring a few pennies if you would like to make temporary tap shoes! Meet at the AltMFA stall at 2pm & 4pm.