Art schools unite! AltMFA visits Southend with alternative art school TOMA (The Other MA)

Thanks to Emma Edmondson who gave us a tour of all the artist hot spots in Southend yesterday, plus a few pubs.

The images below are from Focal Points current exhibition. See their webpage here:

Here we are at Focal Point Gallery in front of the Folly by Volker Eichelmann's show 'On Peacock Island' featuring Stephen Tennant running 28 January to 30 April 2017.

At the Beecroft Gallery with TOMA students (2016- 2017) showing us their show 'Disrupting the archives' where they worked closely with an artwork from the Beecroft's archives.

Outside the amazing Chalkwell hall.

 We came across this beach combing - washing preparation in Chalkwell Halls garden. 'THAMES PLASTIC & THE EXPLORATION OF FUTURE DUST' by Maria Arceo which will be at Somerset House this summer.

We head off again to what used to be TAP (Temporary Art Projects) but now is The Old Waterworks.

We were surprised to find ex-AltMFAer Anna Maria Kardos inside! She is currently studying Goldsmiths 'real' MA with her new residency work, photography below.

And the obligatory AltMFA pub selfie outside another 'Mayflower' pub - the sister to our fave, much visited Rotherhithe Pub of the same name.