We continue our A-N funded Future Programme with Giles Smith from Assemble tonight

Tonight we meet with Giles Smith from Turner-prize winning collective 'Assemble'.

News From Nowhere: Giles Smith of Assemble talks Utopias

As part of our A-N supported programme on the topic of 'The Future', we are hosting Giles Smith of ASSEMBLE at Mayday Rooms, London.

'News From Nowhere: Today’s Architecture is the Basis of Tomorrow’s Utopia.'

'We are all profoundly adept readers of our built environment. The politics with which it is designed and built today shape the behaviours and actions possible in its spaces tomorrow. This talk will explore a mixture of projects, some by Assemble, some by others, and their relationships to this idea, in order to make the case our collective responsibility to the future to make good Architecture.'

Giles Smith is a founding member of the architectural collective Assemble, and a teacher at the University of Westminster and the London School of Architecture. Assemble was founded to deliver a one-off project and 7 years later has become a complex and collaborative endeavour dedicated to the relationship between the public and our built environment.