Dave Beech talked to AltMFA this October about anti-work, and what could happen if post-capitalism was a reality.

Last week Dave Beech shared his ideas on his new book about post-capitalism. He shared some history of the links between the artist, the ideal 'worker', aesthetics and labour. And showed us some  different takes on what a world after capitalism might look like, as well as different theories around this.

Dave Beech is a member of the Freee Collective with Mel Jordan and Andy Hewitt.

This was another special session as part of our AN funded talks, where we have contacted 10 people who inspire or influence us, to come and speak/ run a workshop or hold a discussion on their way of envisioning the 'future'. An AltMFA member, or a group of us in collaboration will respond to each session, which we compile in a publication and launch later in the year.