Publications from the past: Palindromic Sequence for Artlicks (2015)

When we did this project we were not really sharing on here that often...

Heres a link to the short publication which member Sadie Edginton made, with other members artworks, and online PDF is here: AltMFA Palindromic Sequence Booklet (2015)

For artlicks festival weekend in 2015 we created a performative walking tour, a 'live map' of the Thames. There were 14 artists involved, staging works along the route between Bermondsey Tube. Following a network of streets, towards the river, along parts of the riverbank and then through paths and narrow cobbled streets east down the river towards Rotherhithe, ending at the May Flower pub. 

We were looking at how different members produced a map of the performance walk, or some kind of interpretation or text and them beforehand, with a guide to the artworks along the route also being inside this map publication. These were handed out at the station and along the route. Members in the publication were Louise, Rebecca, Alex, Sadie, Amy, Eldi. Put together by Sadie Edginton (2015) other members performing and showing works were Paula, Asher, Fritha, Benjamin, Maru and Shinji. 

Event text from 2015:

Palindromic Sequence : A live Map of the Thames Shore

When? Art Licks Weekend 2015
Sunday 4th October 2pm-4pm
**No need to book a space**

What? This year for Art Licks Weekend, join AltMFA for our third annual psycho-geographical adventure. 
Collect your map from Bermondsey Station between 2-4pm to find durational performances, actions and site specific pieces along the Thames foreshore at low tide. Narratives, objects and actions will arise from mud, concrete and cul-de-sacs.

Where? Starting at Bermondsey Tube Station, 142-154 Jamaica Road, London SE16 4RX  and finishing at The Mayflower, 117 Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 4NF.