Two of us had a chat with RMIT Art school about the relationship to fees (non-fees) and art schools/ alternative art schools

Professor Dominic Redfern, RMIT, Melbourne.

     Sarah Murphy, MA student, RMIT.

Sadie Edginton, AltMFA member, artist, educator and researcher.

A few months ago, two of us were in conversation with artist Sarah Murphy (studying at RMIT master of fine arts) and professor Dominic Redfern (RMIT Art school, Australia). It was fascinating to analyse and discuss a bit, the links between paying and not paying for art schools fees and how this may effect the students relationship to what they are studying. It was clear as organisers for AltMFA, when you organise the art school yourself, you do have an entirely different relationship, as you create it, invite speakers and so on. The labour and energy is a major factor, and really has an effect on what can be done. The more we spoke, the community side was evidently very important to all involved, whether you are at a normal art school, or running an alternative.

Dominic Redfern has previously written a paper on alternative education strategies and different approaches, and mentions some of the UK alternative schools.

Thank you for inviting us to converse with you!

Unfortunately Nathania Hartley's camera did not work in the interview but you can hear her voice. It was for the online series for the MFA grad project titled: ‘Radical Alternatives born in the death throes of capitalism’ at the RMIT art school here: @rmit_art website. 

See the conversation here:

Event details below:

'The World Outside'

Wednesday 9 December Master of Fine Art (Coursework)

Radical Alternatives

At every angle it feels we are pushed to justify studying or practising art. The government is sucking funding out of the broader Australian arts and creative community, and in doing so gives the broader public an idea that it is inessential and unworthy of investment. But it couldn't be further from the truth, every aspect of my daily life, and most likely yours, has been influenced or shaped in some way by a creative, a designer, or an artist. From bus stop ads to packaging, to murals, works in galleries, and even off the rack clothing, creatives, and whole teams of people who explore, experiment and test ideas are involved.

Through four interviews, Sarah Murphy , Karryn Argus @karrynargus  and Dominic Redfern look at alternative approaches to art education; art business; and the havoc wrought on artistic traditions of community and innovation by fin de siècle capitalism. Artists are bewildered by the money = good, ideas = bad, world they live in. Can we use our creativity to manoeuvre out of this impasse?

Radical Alternatives born in the death throes of Capitalism
Sarah Murphy & Karryn Argus vs. Jan Bryant

Radical Alternatives born in the death throes of Capitalism
Sarah Murphy & Dom Redfern vs. Kate Rich

Radical Alternatives born in the death throes of Capitalism
altmfa: @alt_mfa Sarah Murphy & Dom Redfern vs. Sadie Edginton & Nathania Hartley