Resurgence- We are Bursting to Tell You!


A group show at 

The 'Art Bypass Gallery

(a Sweet 'Art pop-up space)

261a City Road 

EC1V 1AJ   


THURSDAY 23rd June 2022, 6pm - 9 pm

Participating Artists: Anna-Maria Amato, Rebecca Buckley, Claire Callow, Eldi Dundee, 5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres, Sadie Edginton, Catherine Harrington, Nathania Hartley, Eirini Kartsaki, Debora Mo, Irene Pulga, Anjan Saha, Lorraine Snape, Giorgos Theocarous

"As we resurge - from the physical confinement and mental isolation of these last two years, to take our first lungful – there is much we are bursting to tell you. 


Nothing is the same,

all must be re-examined…


We need to talk about who we are now, who we have been, of where we are going. We have personal and race memories of migration to consider, to the pace of a drumbeat or a moment of stillness. We want to ask whether it is better to sit under a lunar cycle, and to question our mating rituals. We need to understand how the editing and conditioning of our experiences works, and how it is that an accident of birth has the ability to gift us with particular dreams or nightmares. It is time to reflect on chaos and complexity, play with old characters or create new hybrid forms with what we find.  It is time to figure out how we change gears and move to a state of unhopelessness.


Conversations we start will take many turns. They may come in the form of mixed media with watercolour paper, experimental sound and vision, pencil drawing and embroidery. We may address you through oil paintings and site-specific text explorations, soft toys and puppets with an edge, or kinetic installations. We may choose to shout or whisper, use repetition or abstraction. Our exhalations are as diverse and personal as we are, they are the children of what we have been ruminating on gently or obsessively over these long months, of seeking new ways to explore, of what we have seen emerge in ourselves or observed from our bunkers.


We are coming together to reconnect and share, with each other and with you.    


ALTMFA is a free self-organised alternative MFA led by artists for artists."

Text by Debora Mo

Instagram: @alt_mfa

Twitter: @AltMFA 


PLEASE do a LATERAL FLOW TEST (LTF) before setting out 

and only come if your LTF result is negative. 

Do not come if you are showing any symptoms.

Some of our members' friends and families are still vulnerable to the complications of Covid. If you see some of us wearing masks, that's why.


The 'Art Bypass Gallery
261a City Road
(Old St or Angel tubes)

'Art Bypass is a 10-15 minute walk from Angel and Old Street tubes

and approximately 25 minutes walking from Hoxton overground. 

Bus routes 43, 205, 214 and 394.

The entrance to City Road Basin is across from this helpful landmark on City Road: